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Non-Commercial Transaction Checklist​

Change of Bank Details

Change of Address Details

Updation / Change of Phone /Fax Details

Updation / Change of Email Id

Updation / Change of Category / Status

Updation / Change of Mode of Operation

Registration / Cancellation and Change of Nominee

Change of Dividend Option

Consolidation of Folios

Change in Guardian

Transmission of Folios

Change of Broker Code

Request letter with folio number and New ARN code to be updated, if any, (preferably in our  standard format or as near thereto as possible) and signed by all the unit holders according to the mode of operation.

RMF Service Delivery Time: 7 working days from the receipt of the request.

Change of Name

Updation of PAN

Lien Marking / Pledge

Lien Unmarking / Un-pledge

Registration of Power of Attorney

Revocation/Cancellation of Power of Attorney

Change of Status from Minor to Major

Change in Signature


Updation of KYC status

Revalidation of warrant


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