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​​​​​​​We are committed to serving the communities in which we operate. Corporate responsibility is an essential component of the company's success. It is a part of what we do - and who we are - as a firm. Our social and environmental initiatives draw upon the strong combination of our business expertise, philanthropic commitments and employee outreach to have the bro​adest impact on the community.

We would like to highlight some of our CSR initiatives:

  • Grow Trees: All employees gave some amount of money to an NGO ‘Grow Tree’s’, who then planted a tree in the name of an employee.
  • Give India: ‘Give India’ is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for NGOs having strong credentials. Through this voluntary program, an employee can contribute a minimum amount of Rs. 200 from his/her salary for a cause - educating a child, or helping a blind person see, or a disabled person walk, and many more. ‘Give India’ has also ensured that we get a regular progress/feedback report on how the employee's donation is being utilized.

    Since the past ten years, GiveIndia has been instrumental in facilitating a culture of giving and in empowering the nation’s underprivileged. Over 50,000 employees from over 150 corporations participating in the Payroll Giving Programme have experienced tremendous amount of satisfaction in bringing a bright ray of hope in the clouded lives of the needy.

    At RN​AM too, many employees have already volunteered to be a part of this experience, sharing a part of their good fortune with the underprivileged and transforming their lives. We highly encourage employees to join and experience the Joy of Sharing! You would really be amazed to know how your monthly payroll contributions as small as Rs. 300/- or Rs. 200/- per month can make a HUGE difference and add tremendous joy to the lives of the underprivileged. Donors also get to select the various causes for donating their money. Give India also provides details of required reports, details of beneficiary, etc.​
  • Reclothe: Reliance Group is one of the few organizations that have the stated objective of being a socially responsible organization. At Reliance Group, we believe we are the caretakers of today's world in which the future generations would flourish. We believe in touching lives of all those around us, sharing and involving our stakeholders as our partners in progress/ growth. Over the last six years, Reliance Group has organized clothes and utilities collection campaigns across India, under the title of ‘Reclothe’. The objective is to institutionalize an annual ‘Reclothe’, utilities and book collection campaigns for the underprivileged through collection of quality clothes/utilities including books by Reliance employees and other stakeholders.​

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